Example Stone Selections

We will always try and work with locally sourced stone where possible and will work with the local quarry directly to handpick the materials to make sure we are using the absolute best quality stone. Locally sourced stone also reflects the local geology and therefore highlights the providence of our work and your finished project. Below are just a few examples stones/schists that we work with. Schist is such a versatile material; it can be used as a cladding for both internal and external features of a building. We also commonly use it for fire surrounds, feature walls (inside and out), retaining walls, gables and even paving. It can also be cut to a veneer and stuck to a substrate where weight is an issue while still retaining that authentic stone look and feel. As you can see below, there are all different colours of schist, quarried from different parts of the South Island

If you are looking to use something in particular for your next project, please get in touch, and we can source it and advise you on it.

Brown Schist


Brown schist has a unique colouring that many of you would have experienced when further down in Otago in the South Island. Its mix of brown and reddish tones give it a natural aesthetic that contrasts well with wood or neutral colours.

Omaru Stone


Natural beauty, natural durability. You cant beat Oamaru Stone for warmth, texture and natural durability. Sourced from the heart of North Otago, Oamaru Stone is renowned for its rich, creamy colouring.  It can be used as an accent material complimenting timber, schist and brick or for your complete build.

Oxford Stone



Oxford Stone offers a base colour of light grey with light brown highlights to give a natural yet contemporary feel and finish to your next project.

Grey Schist



Offering a lighter colour palate, the grey schist is very popular in Queenstown. The base colour is grey with a vein of rust colour running through the stone. It has an attractive tone suitable for all contemporary projects.


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Our Stone Selections

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